Nigerian Govt cannot benefit from its own wrong by subjecting Nnamdi Kanu to trial, activist’s brother insists




Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s junior brother, Kingsley Kanunta Kanu, has insisted that Nigerian Government cannot benefit from its own wrong by subjecting the activist to trial, following the extraordinary rendition he was subjected to in bringing him to Nigeria from Kenya.


Kanunta revealed that the extraordinary rendition was, on November 2, 2021, further officially confirmed by Kenyan Government in open Court, and further solidifying Kanu family’s abiding position that the Nigerian Government cannot benefit from its own wrong by subjecting him to trial.


Revealing this in a press statement, Thursday, November 4, Kanunta said: “On 2nd November 2021, the Government of Kenya filed its defence to the suit I had earlier filed in Kenya on behalf of my brother, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“It will be recalled that following my brother’s extraordinary rendition in June this year, the Kenyan Government had publicly issued series of statements, denying its complicity in this abominable act.

“In the said defence that it filed in Court, Kenya has not only persisted in its denials, but went further to confirm that my brother was denied the benefit of the due process of extradition in Kenya or even a lawful arrest.

“In particular, the defence the Kenyan Government filed in court stated in major part: “That there are no extradition proceedings to justify that the Government of Kenya is responsible for the subject’s extradition.”

“It further stated: ‘That there is no OB record from any of the Police Stations within the country to indicate that the subject in issue was lawfully arrested and detained for purposes of commencing extradition proceedings.’

“It needs to be emphasized that above admissions have officially confirmed our long-held position that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s transfer from Kenya to Nigeria is unlawful, not lawful as was claimed by the Nigerian Government.

“This latest revelation, officially made in open Court by Kenya, further solidifies our abiding position that the Nigerian Government cannot benefit from its own wrong by subjecting my brother to trial.

“As the next hearing date unfolds to 7th December 2021, more legal processes will be in view. Our immediate goal is to secure the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention,” Kanunta stressed.

Kanunta is not alone in this. The IPOB leader’s Special Counsel, Barr. Aloy Ejimakor, had, not long ago, written the British High Commissioner to Nigeria demanding Consular intervention with capacity of leading to immediate release of his client from detention.

Making the request, in a letter entitled “RE: Urgent Request For Consular Assistance To OKWU-KANU, Nwannekaenyi Nnamdi Kenny (A British Citizen)”, Mr Ejimakor, among others, wants the UK to prevail on Nigeria to release Mazi Kanu without further delay.

Ejimakor’s letter reads: “Mr Okwu-Kanu (aka Nnamdi Kanu) is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra, both of which are corporate citizens of the United Kingdom.

“Mr Kanu resides in the United Kingdom, from which soil he departed on an overseas travel on or about June 19, 2021 on a British Passport No: 556543086.

“We are reliably informed that while he was on the overseas travel, he was intercepted in Kenya by Nigeria’s foreign security agents and brought to Nigeria against his will on or about June 27, 2021, and ‘arraigned’ before the Federal High Court in Abuja without benefit of counsel on June 29, 2021. Currently, he is being detained in the custody of the Directorate of State Security Services (DSS) in Abuja.

“Your Excellency, permit us to point to a few legal, political and diplomatic issues that have been implicated in this matter. They are:

“That Mr Kanu is a British citizen who was travelling on a valid British passport when he was seized in a third country and forcibly brought to Nigeria. Such act constitutes an unlawful rendition of a bonafide British citizen.

“That he was not travelling on Nigerian passport or the passport of any other country, including that of Kenya.

“That there is no extant order of extradition by any British Court or any other foreign Court (including Kenya) and we are informed that there is no pending extradition proceeding standing against him in Britain or Kenya.

“That there is no deportation order by any Kenyan Court or other authority that made him subject to deportation. But if there was, the country of his deportation should have been Britain on which passport he was travelling.

 “That deporting him to Nigeria just because he was born in Nigeria, but not travelling on her passport, is unlawful under international law.

“That the enterprise upon which Mr. Kanu is engaged, which is: seeking the restoration of the defunct State of Biafra through a referendum is a protected political opinion (i.e self-determination) under British and Nigerian laws, where it is enacted at CAP A9, Article 20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.”

Ejimakor described the manner in which Kanu was deported to Nigeria as ‘extra-legal and does not comport with the pertinent international laws and treaties to which Nigeria is subject.’

He, therefore, specifically requested that: “Mr. Kanu be granted every possible Consular assistance to which he is entitled as a British citizen.

“That Mr. Kanu be categorized as a high-profile political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience and be thus rendered the highest diplomatic protection under municipal and international laws.

 “That the Nigerian authorities be prevailed upon to immediately avail Mr. Kanu the opportunity of being taken to any hospital of his choice for medical examination.

“That the British authorities file a Diplomatic Note or other legal process with Nigeria’s Federal High Court and the Office of the Attorney General of Nigeria indicating her sovereign interest in Mr Kanu’s matter.

“That the British authorities declare that Mr Kanu is not a criminal, but a person who possesses a political opinion the Nigerian authorities are seeking to suppress by means of punishment of some sort.

“That the British authorities urgently demand the unconditional release of Mr Kanu from detention.”/SHARE THIS

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