He killed my cat and I had to kill him in vengeance, woman confesses


A Zimbabwean woman from Masireni Village in Ward 29, Mutandahwe, Chipinge, has confessed she had to kill a little boy, Zachariah Mlambo, in vengeance after he had exuberantly killed her cat.

The woman said to be a horrible witch confessed to using juju (voodoo) to cause the death of the boy.


According to the head of the village, one Siyaso Peter Ndhlovu, the suspected witch will be appearing at his court soon to provide answers to allegations of killing Zachariah Mlambo using juju.

“I know Zachariah has been killed. He was attending Mutandahwe Primary School, doing Grade 6. The alleged witch who is notorious in the village admitted to killing the boy. She will come before court soon, ” Ndhlovu disclosed.

The deceased’s relatives also paid a visit to a traditional healer who also confirmed that the boy was murdered by the neighbor.

The deceased’ s mother identified as Tambudzai Mlambo, claimed her son killed the cat because it was always in their house consuming family food. On that fateful day, the cat had eaten some fish and Zachariah saw it the following day in a bucket of meal- mealie and he then killed it.

“After realising that her cat was dead, the suspected witch informed the boy that the cat was her messenger and helper and she was going to make sure that he dies the same way the animal died,” the mother narrated, adding: ” my son suddenly began complaining of a headache and his head began swelling. We immediately ferried him to the hospital and tests were done for malaria and Corona Virus, and they were both negative. We went to the alleged witch and apologised. We even offered to give her US$10 but she refused to accept it, reiterating that all she wanted was her black cat back. My son died a horrible and painful death six days later, ” Tambudzai revealed. The alleged witch is extremely feared in the village.

Chipinge Times, a local media outlet, paid a visit to the village but all villagers were unwilling to accompany the crew to the witch’ s house.

“The woman is notorious for witchcraft in this village. Everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of her, ” a neighbour who refused to accompany the media  outlet to her place disclosed.

The headmaster of Mutandahwe Primary School, Flashious Matchaba, expressed shock at the boy’ s sudden demise.

“The incident is devastating. Zachariah did not report to school for a whole week. We assumed that he would come the next Monday. We then made a follow- up on a Monday only to receive the sad news of his death. It is so painful that we lost a good boy, ” the headmaster  mourned /SHARE THIS


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