Electricity: Govt set to disconnect unmetered users



The Federal Government, through its electricity watchdog, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has directed all the nation’s Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to begin disconnection of electricity users, who have refused to be metered, from source of supply.


NERC issued the order in an instrument jointly signed by its Chairman, James Momoh, and a Commissioner, Dafe Akpeneye, on Wednesday.



The order states, “Any customer that rejects the installation of a meter on their premises by (Disco) shall not be entitled to supply and must be disconnected by (the Disco), and shall only be reconnected to the network after the meter has been installed.”


NERC said the new order was an amendment to the previous ones on capping of estimated billing issued by it in February 2020.

The Federal Government had, previously, striven to put to an end the programme of estimated electricity billing with a view to assuring that electricity distributors earn its full bills through proper pre-paid meters, and then went further to deploy over six million of such new pre=paid meters for distribution around the country.

But DISCOs were said to have complained that the distribution of electricity prepaid meters is being opposed by customers who preferred not to pay for actual electricity consumption.

“The operators had decried that some customers were frustrating the efforts to being metered in order not to pay the exact amount for the electricity that they consume,” a source at NERC told this reporter.

But as it now appears, all electricity consumers that refused to be metered will have their source of power supply disconnected.

Informed sources further hinted this reporter that it is even cheaper and more convenient to rely on pre-paid meters as it offers you prompt bills for services used, against the post-paid /estimated billing that often foist bogus bills on you, whether you use the electricity or not.

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