Trending: Why Nigerians Thought I Was Into Money Rituals -Orji Kalu


Senator Orji Kalu who represents Abia North in the National Assembly has spoken about his wealth in a Facebook post.

The former governor of Abia State said many people thought he was into money rituals when he bought a beautiful and costly car in 1982. The car was the “latest” Mercedes Benz at the time.


Kalu said he became an employer of labour at an early age, noting that he bankrolled the PDP in 1998 with N500 million and also gave the party’s presidential candidate N100 million.

“The then President Shehu Shagari was the only Nigerian using the same car as at that time.

“I recall that whenever I drove the car, some would look at it with admiration while a few were spreading rumors that I was into money rituals.”

Kalu, currently the Chief Whip of the Senate, said Nigerians should “stop entertaining the blackmails” that money is motivating him in politics.

“If it’s actually about money as propagated, then I already have all I would ever need,” he said.

“While I was governor, I never bought a new home. I have lost more money being into politics. I took over from a military administrator and those who knew the condition of Abia before 1999 will have a better understanding of the level of work we did before leaving government in 2007.

“As of today, I can decide to even resign as a senator because I spend my private money to make up a lot of things while serving the people.

“Nigeria is unfortunately a country where people who have done no business except holding public office are hailed while those who have worked hard all their lives creating wealth and employing people are called names.”

Senator Kalu also mentioned that he bankrolled the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 1998 with N500 million and also gave the PDP presidential candidate, Olusegun Obasanjo, N100 million.

“Imagine expecting a man who bankrolled PDP in 1998 with five hundred million naira to the party and one hundred million naira to the presidential candidate of the party to be hungry?

“I became an employer of labour at an early age and have steadily continued to be. I have worked hard all my life and the best you can do is to study people and try to be better than them. “For the life we live is not for ourselves alone but for God and to then accommodate other people,” the former governor of Abia state said.


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