OPC founder/president, Dr Fredrick Fasehun: One year after, By Prince Osibote


Today marks one year that our great founder/president, Dr Fredrick Fasehun transited after a life of exemplary, visionary and dynamic leadership.


He made his mark as an exceptional individual, who believed in sharing with the citizens their dreams, desires, pains and challenges.


That was why he planted the seed called OPC that defends and protects with a consummate zeal and passion, the fundamental rights of all citizens.


He fought impunity to a standstill even at the risk of his personal liberty, freedom and safety.

Dr Fasehun abhorred injustice and staked all that God endowed you with to inculcate the virtues of discipline and honesty so that the society can know true peace, continuously witness progress and prosperity.

Therefore, Dr Fasehun’s life has become the benchmark and template for all responsible and responsive leaders in Nigeria to copy and emulate.

As a role model, with a penchant for thinking ahead, Dr Fasehun created vast opportunities for the young and the old to realise their aspirations and dreams.

Today, a lot of them are shining examples of great minds, erudite scholarship, symbol of success and epitome of industry and discipline.

As we celebrate your life, Dr Fasehun, we as your disciples, promise to guide against the present crop of political leaders at all levels turning Nigeria into another dungeon, returning to the inglorious era of fear, tear and sorrow.

We are prepared to make the necessary sacrifice to make sure the Nigeria does not become a land of vampires, hyenas and locusts. We will not condone, tolerate or allow fifth columnists to reduce Nigeria to yet another animal kingdom, where might is right.

We are ready, prepared and poised to collaborate with other well-meaning individuals and organisations to ensure that Nigerians have food on the table and have a secured future.

We promise never to compromise on the battle you started, consolidated and sustained until your dying days as a distinguished and worthy ambassador of mankind.

We insist that no individual or group, no matter how highly placed, can cow us from upholding the cardinal aims and objectives of the OPC to take the battle to the door step of whoever tries to undermine the Yoruba race and deprive us of their rights and privileges.  Whoever try to test our will won’t be spared. Adieu OPC founder/president, Dr Fredrick Fasehun



OPC President Worldwide




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