Breaking: Amosun blocks venues of Dapo Abiodun’s inauguration activities with sand, road excavation, bulldozer (see pictures)


By Mikail Mumuni


Outgoing governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun has not relented in his opposition to his elected would-be successor, Prince Dapo Abiodun who is billed to assume office on May 29.


Although they belong to the same All Progressives Congress (APC), Amosun is still bitter at the emergence of Abiodun as the gubernatorial candidate of the party and the eventual winner at the general election.


Now Amosun appears determined to distrust the inauguration of Abiodun.

On Wednesday night, the Public Relations Officer of the APC caretaker committee in the state, Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye confirmed this with the pictures and terse note he sent to The State Online by 11:03 pm.

The pictures showed that venues of the inauguration lecture slated for Thursday and inauguration proper on May 29, both in Abeokuta, the state capial, been blocked with heaps of sand, road excavation and bulldozer.

The entrances were also dug to prevent entry.

According to Oladunjoye, “On the pretext of road construction, Senator Ibikunle Amosun not only completely closed the road leading to MKO Abiola Stadium, ABEOKUTA venue of the inauguration of Prince Dapo Abiodun as Governor of Ogun State, he also dug a deep and wide gulley in front of June 12 Cultural Centre, venue of the inauguration lecture holding tomorrow (Thursday).

“Not done , he left huge tip of sand and a bulldozer at the entrance. The question is: Would this have happened if it is Amosun’s puppet that is to be inaugurated as Governor?”.


35 thoughts on “Breaking: Amosun blocks venues of Dapo Abiodun’s inauguration activities with sand, road excavation, bulldozer (see pictures)

  1. Why is he fighting Dapo Abiodun now? God has crowned Dapo Abiodun as governor. Why is he still fighting? This is childish of him. On May 29, 2019, the governor elect can be sworn in anywhere in Ogun state. Let Amosun go and the EFCC will go after him. He finished Ogun state.

    1. He can not do this after 29th May when his tenure comes to an end . That is our people for you . Very vindictive . Once again let us congratulate Abiodun and Segun Osoba for that election victory . God is great .

  2. That tells you the type of person Amosun is. If he like it or not Dapo will be the next governor of Ogun State.

      1. Those whom God wants to destroy, He will first make mad. So, our outgoing Governor has gone berserk, and he is being expected in Aro Mental Hospital. Too bad. It baffles me that he could do this in the Holy Month of Ramadan. I am now convinced he is a fake Muslim wasting his time fasting. God has installed Dapo Abiodun as the next Governor of Ogun State and one million Amosuns cannot change it. This time next week, he would have gone into history as former Governor of Ogun State, and there would be no immunity anymore. I hope he is ready to face the consequences of all his actions and inactions while in office. EFCC, over to you. Akin Ogungbe FCA, MBA, FCTI

        1. Hello Akin,
          Is this the same Akin Ogungbe, formerly of LIMCA,at Isolo. If you are, this is your friend, Wale Dosunmu, formerly of Nigeria Immigration Services.
          If not, please pardon my inquiry.

  3. Why must we politicize all actions of the quest to development? Though am not capable of defending his government. The construction of that axis started before APC primary election. Please allow him (Amosun) to complete the good works he started. We’ve never had it so good in Ogun.

    1. In Abeokuta you mean. Tell that to residents of Ijoko to Akute And environs. Their comments will educate you.

      1. I am a living testimony to this. I have abandoned my personal house built at Olambe because that environment cannot be assessed by road, not even with SUVs. Akute through Olambe to Ijoko remains a nightmare and a place I will not even recommend to my worst enemy. I wish the new governor will turn his attention to these locations. It is such a shame

        1. I know a family that abandoned their property in Baale Ajuwon for 24 years simply because of the terrible roads and lack of basic infrastructural facilities and lack of development till date. Even those at Opic Estate in Iseri north have no impact of any development from Ogun state government

    2. The construction he hasn’t finished in the last 8 years will now be completed in a few days to his exit? Bad Belle no good

    3. You mean Abeokuta! You are one of the people making Gov. Amosun an Absolute governor and government. Time will tell and judge

    4. Which work has he done? He developed abeokuta alone for 8yers. My brother go see development in Borno a war torn state and compare with Amosun. Check out revenue accrued to the 2 state from FEDERAL and IGR you will swear for Amosun.

  4. Amosun has been the governor of Ogun for years now,let him give way and let the elected governor come in…these actions of his is really childish and uncalled for

  5. We should learn to accept defeat, the good people of Ogun State have spoken and that’s it. Nobody can act God.

  6. Amosun is a vendetta governor that Ogun state has ever had and he is laying a very bad legacy for himself and his entire families in the future because whatever that we do today will become history today. Dapo has become Ogun state governor and no power can debar that again.

  7. Anyone who is close to Amosun should tell him that any evil immagination or thought towards Dapo Abiodun will surely backfire on him. Amosun is toying with Gods choice for Ogun State.

  8. If this story is true then it shows that we don’t have LEADERS but DEALERS in governance, the show of shame and exposition have just started, we’re now watching part one of the film, the end of it no one knows. The Elected Governor should please choose another venue in Abeokuta for the swearing in to avert other catastrophe of events on that date. It is God through His people that appoint people to power not any individual, I believe God is still in control.

  9. Losers will always fall in the pit. He cannot change what Allah has destined to happen. Allah’s plan will surely prevail.

  10. If this is true I have believe that they have made provisions in another location, but as for me he can’t do that . This can be another location or old picture.

  11. Was the blockage done overnight or it’s a continuing construction road work given to contractors that need to meet a deadline of completion? It might not be what it seems- act of sabotage.
    Besides Amosun may not be privy to this action.
    When at any rate does it become a sin to seek redress if one is dissatisfied with the outcome of an election especially if there are grounds for it? All this bashing of HE Senator Amosun for his fighting for his rights are inconsistent with democratic norms.

    1. I pity our race as Yorubas. If what we read in social media was nothing but d truth then I pity d outgoing Governor for his action. Iam very sure all what’s happening is known to God. I can only advise d Governor Elect to leave his enemies to do what they can but surely noone can change God’s plan. The inauguration must hold whatsoever. This is so painful!!

  12. I think that DA with his co-inaugurators should stop making comments with the incumbent Governor because he has blocked the road since yesterday. From my own view I think they should find a better place rather than making and exchange words with SIA perse.

  13. Amosun, is not the type that should have been the governor of this our noble state. Efcc should do the needful on him from, 30th of this month.

  14. I espect us to be cautious when we are making comments, because Amosun is not the contractor doing the project and we don’t know the assurance the contractor gave before embarking on the project. Moreover is the governor aware of the Thursday program? May be he wasn’t aware of the said program. So don’t let’s make hasty judgement pls!

  15. Not surprise, he came in with bulldozers 8 years ago, destroyed the golf course, properties of his opponents and nobody stopped him or rebuked him and 8 years later you rewarded him with a Senate seat.
    He is on dope, and a wicked breed.
    Ogun (Abeokuta) should recall him from the Senate.

  16. Very childish of a man of his high level. He should leave office with warm send off and to become a respectable Stateman of integrity but now he became a man of ridicule. Let’s see what will happen after May 29th.He has skeleton in his closet.

    1. Now they are exposed, they may hurridly cover d pitch because of the event with time bomb covered underground. Amosun is Ogun state no.1 enemy. All security operatives, Ogun state in your hand

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