• Pix: Alime Monday, leader of the outgoing 2020 Batch A Corps members
(right) presenting an Award to the Accountant-General of the Federation, Mr. Ahmed Idris, FCNA, as a mark of appreciation and recognition of his selfless service to humanity and the nation

The Accountant General of the Federation, Mr. Ahmed Idris, FCNA has charged the outgoing 2020 Batch A Corps members that served in the Treasury House to be agents of positive change in the country.


Idris addressed the Corps members in his office when they went to commend him for the conducive working environment and the hospitality they were accorded during their service in the OAGF.

The charge by the Accountant General came amidst reports of ethnic conflicts in parts of the country.

Idris told the Corps members: “We pray you make Nigeria an asset for yourself and all of us. Nigeria is facing challenges of insecurity, social vices and restiveness. The solutions lie in you. You can begin to change the narrative for good.”

“You should be a true reflection of the Nigeria we desire to see, the Nigeria that we desire to live in, the Nigeria that will accommodate each and every Nigerian. I urge you to imbibe the spirit of accommodation, tolerance and togetherness,” stressing, “I urge you to play positive roles in nation building, to be patriotic, to be nationalistic.”

He reminded the Corps members that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and advised that instead of staying idle, they should utilize the knowledge gathered during their years as students and later as Corp members, to make good use of the opportunities that abound in the country.

According to him, with the level of education that they have attained so far, the Corps members have stood out among their peers, and the society expects them to display high level of responsibility, warning that they should not engage in acts capable of discrediting the height they had already attained.

“You’re privileged among your age mates; you’re already graduates. More so, you have served the nation and are about to be given certificates of service. Don’t go and make this height that you have attained to be as if you have not achieved anything. You are a true reflection of Nigeria, and therefore, make the best use of it”, he further counselled.

On the use of the social media, Idris noted that sharing negative contents on the platform has the propensity of instigating widespread violence advising the young graduates to always be mindful of their actions and conducts on the social media as these also have the potential and potency to divide the country.

While wishing the Corps members well in their future endeavours, the Accountant General reminded them that success does not come cheaply, adding that they should be ready to bear the cost and pay the price for success.

Earlier, the outgoing 2020 Batch A Corps members had presented an Award to the Accountant General of the Federation as a mark of appreciation and recognition of his selfless service to humanity and the nation.

The leader of the delegation, Alime Monday, thanked the Accountant-General of the Federation for providing them the platform to serve their fatherland.

According to him, “the Treasury House is not the same like we met it when we came; it is now wearing a new look. This attests to the reforms going on in the Treasury House.”/SHARE THIS
• Pix(below): AGF, Mr. Ahmed Idris ( third right, first row), in a group photogragh with the Corps members during the visit


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