God, history won’t forgive you if you fail, Kukah tells Tinubu


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has told President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that God and history will not forgive him if he fails to deliver on his promise of “renewed hope”.

Bishop Kukah, in his Christmas message on Monday, said with Tinubu leading, Nigeria must turn around for good.


His words: “Mr. President, Sir, congratulations and a happy Christmas. Now, you have what you prayed for, what you dreamt of, what you longed for.

“For the better part of over 20 years, you have plotted to be our President.

“For years, you campaigned for a new Nigeria through restructuring or overhauling the defective machinery of the Nigerian state.

“For years, you fought the military and other forms of dictatorships.

“For years, you fought for the victims of a deep state.

“For years, you sought to create an egalitarian society.

“For years, you sought a just society.

“For years, you have built networks with individuals, communities and institutions.

“Now is harvest time.

“You are on the driving seat now.

“Under your watch, Nigeria must turn the corner.

“Under your watch, we must end the ugly instrumentalisation of religious, ethnic or regional identities.

“You have had enough time to think of the answers to many questions that are crying for answers.

“Your future and that of our country is in your hands.

“Mr. President, you have no excuses before God or the people of Nigeria.

“Neither God nor history will forgive you if you fail.

“This is our moment, our date with history.

“Now, all eyes and ears are on you.

“Our prayers for a united country are with you.

“We have seen the first faltering steps of policy decisions, which have elicited a mixture of controversy, anxiety and praise.

“This is to be expected.

“You have promised us a Renewed Hope Agenda, but know that hope has worn thin in our dear nation.

“Nigerians have almost lost hope in the fact that a government can really and truly care for them.

“Nigerians have lost hope in the fact that our politicians will put our interests first and find a way to deal with the cancer of corruption.

“We had lost hope in being united again given the seeds of division that had been sown.

“Ignite our hope again, Sir.

“We now have seen some renewed hope in your effort to run an inclusive government.

“We want an end to partisanship.

“The problems of Nigeria are deep seated and they are based on a culture of corruption that has become the foundation stone of governance.

“This evil structure has to be dismantled. 

“Nigeria’s problems will not be resolved by palliatives.

“The problems are deep and are structural.

“Please do not be afraid to reset the template of power no matter the cultural or historical myths.

“We are tired of promises and stories.

“We want evidence we can see and touch.”


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