Between APC’s Tinubu and LP’s Peter Obi, a study in primitive acquisition and prudent resource management


By Richard Aburime



The two men were two-term governors, one in Lagos and the other in Anambra .

Towards the end of their second term, the one in Lagos sent his retirement bill and got his House of Assembly to approve what you see below as his yearly pension.

1. 300% annual salary as severance package as approved by RMAFC;

2. 100% of annual basic salary of incumbent governor as salary for LIFE even after leaving office;

3. Six new cars every 3 years;

–L-R: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Mr. Peter Obi

4. A new house in Lagos, minimum of 5 bed rooms;

5. A new house in Abuja or any other location, minimum of 5 bed rooms;

6. Free medical care for him and members of his family for life;

7. Entitlement to cooks, stewards, gardeners, and domestic staffs, all pensionable;

8. 300% of his annual basic salary as governor every 2 years as furniture allowance;

9. 100% of annual basic salary as governor as his house maintenance allowance;

10. Two DSS officers, one female officer for his wife and eight policemen to guard him;

11. 25% of his annual basic salary for personal assistants;

12. 30% of his annual basic salary for car maintenance;  

13. 20% of his annual basic salary as utilities maintenance;

14. Pensionable drivers, no limits to the number;

This is apart from what he gets as a percentage of collections from Alpha Beta for tax collections for Lagos State and the total control he has over the governor and the treasury.

But see what the other, Peter Obi, collects from Anambra State since leaving office as governor:

1. No gratuity;

2. No pensions;

3. No houses;

4. No cars;

5. No allowances of any kind;

6. No maintenances of any kind;

7. No personal assistants paid by the state;

8. No domestic staff paid by the state;

9. No aides sponsored by the state;

10. Not even pure water;

11. No shishi from the State.

Now, the two men want to be president. So, choose today who means well for Nigeria and who will serve the people selflessly./SHARE THIS

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