2024 United Nations Public Service Day: Salute to Gen. Gwabin Musa


By Hon. Ayodele Thomas

The United Nation’s public Service day is a special time to say thank you to the Army of Public servants Nationwide for their selfless contributions and sacrifices towards effective and efficient delivery of public services to the people. Most importantly, our Great Nation should designate the United Nation’s public service day as a special Military Appreciation Day to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of the members of the armed forces as the greatest public service.


In this regard, the Higher Education leadership and Policy project, HELP, a research and policy-based consulting firm, has mooted a new appreciative initiative, the Defence Support Advocacy Project, DSAP, to support efforts of the armed forces and other security agencies under the leadership of the Chief of Defense Staff, CDS, General Christopher Gwabin Musa in the fight against insecurity and other forms of violent criminality in the country. The initiative is aimed at modeling the Citizens’ trust for the Nation’s Armed Forces at this critical time that the CDS a military scientist and well-trained soldier is implementing people-centric leadership philosophy with huge achievements that reflect the values of discipline, bravery, and professionalism that define the Nation’s fighting machine, the Nigeria Armed Forces.

Today, that the CDS who came prepared for the challenging responsibility is not in doubt; he has displayed the capacity, willingness and ability to herald a new dawn by strategically re-invigorating and tactically implementing doctrine of reality and necessity in the Nation’s defence and internal security management as it perfectly fits into the Mantra of the “Renewed Hope Agenda” of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR. It is noted that the tripod on which his leadership stands, i.e., people-centric, disciplined, and forces multiplier, are very strategic towards winning and not losing any battle in the quest to keep the nation safe.

“Consequently, after due impact assessments of the nationwide military campaign, HELP recognizes the need for all the critical public stakeholders to stand by the CDS so as to effectively reconstruct the Nation’s security model with a view to destroying the conditions that embolden the terrorist, insurgents, kidnappers and their cohorts to carry dastardly acts on citizens.”

Therefore, the Defence Support Advocacy Project, DSAP, as a civil-military relations public support platform is premised on the fact that the peculiar nature of our nation’s internal security management is not all about military might but requires non- military strategies and tactics. DSAP also recognizes that the nation is suffering from a societal threat that covers everyone, and for this reason, it is approaching security from the perspective of development without which there is no security.

The initiative will therefore adopt the “Design Methodology approach” to unlock our innate superpowers and secret weapons of champions with the deployment of critical tools like “Diplomacy, strategic public dialogue, Consultations, Conversations, and Monitoring and Evaluation” as applicable to the Nation’s public space. It is highly envisaged that this pro-active non-military strategic weapons systems and approach which fit into the CDS People-Centered leadership philosophy could ultimately be a game changer that will offer strategic solutions that will significantly contribute to the peace and security of the Nation.

As a result of the consequences of the negative public perception about the Nigerian Armed Forces which has been orchestrated by false narratives in some quarters, most especially among the very critical publics who should naturally show understanding, the project will take-off with an elaborate world press conference to present the Nigeria Armed Forces as a special brand of public Service. This is with a view to informing local and international audiences of the great achievements of the military under General Christopher Musa and by so doing destroy the plots and ploys of some international organizations and critical local news media agencies willing to deliberately blackmail the Armed forces and set the Nigerian publics in particular and the outside world in general against the great initiatives of the current leadership of the Nation’s Armed Forces.

To support the CDS leadership of the Armed forces, outlined programs under the initiative will present the Armed Forces as a special public service brand so as to change the long-held public negative perception. Some of the implementation channels includes radio programs, strategic Publics sensitization, research and documentations, strategic Media retreat, special Happy hours, monitoring and Evaluations, Youths/Students special outreaches, meetings and campus tours, special documentaries, musical videos and social media campaigns etc. All these and other Strategic events will present and celebrate Nigeria Armed Forces service as the Nation’s top Public Service.

As we celebrate General Musa and his team in the challenging National service, we “We are very hopeful that the CDS and team will keep pushing for new frontiers to consolidate the status of the Nigeria Armed forces as a brand that has earned itself a place in the enviable rank of the world’s bests in terms of professionalism, courage, resilience and combat efficiency, with glowing tributes from regional and global peacekeeping outings, as well as in the management approach of the hydra-headed monster of insecurity and other criminal activities plaguing the Nation.

Today, we use the opportunity of the United Nation’s public service day to salute the courage of the Chief of Defence staff Gen. Christopher Musa and team over all the great achievements recorded within a year of being appointed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR. Today, the fight against terrorism, banditry, oil theft, and other forms of criminality across the country has convinced critical Nigerians that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“We also use this medium to strongly appeal to the general public to exhibit extreme caution in consuming misguided social media information and reports and at the same time restrain from aligning with activities of desperate politicians who have resorted to ethnocentric and religious sentiment so as to give the Armed Forces a bad name even in the face of the ultimate sacrifice of the gallant soldiers and officers in the discharge of their duties of protecting the nation’s territorial integrity.

“We therefore urge the Armed Forces under General Christopher Musa to remain undaunted in the protection of the Nation’s Democracy, stay focused and maintain their dedication in the ongoing Nationwide Military campaign to make Nigeria a safe Nation for all Citizens.”

Today, as we recognise the Military service as the Nation’s No.1 Public service, let every Nigerian extend Public appreciation to a soldier and a member of the Armed forces as a reminder of their profound contributions to Nation building.

Hon. Ayodele Thomas is Lead Advocate, Defense Advocacy Support Project (DSAP) and CEO, Higher Education Leadership and Policy Project (HELP).


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