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Stay at home, Boris Johnson writes to every UK household

Stay at home, Boris Johnson writes to every UK household


Boris Johnson has written to every single household in the UK to urge everyone to obey his lockdown and warn ‘things will get worse before they get better’.
METRO reports that the prime minister, who is currently self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus, is said to have spent an estimated £5.8 million on the letters, which will land on 30 million doorsteps this week.
Pleading for Britons to ‘follow the rules’, the Tory politician will raise the prospect of a stricter lockdown writing: ‘We will not hesitate to go further if that is what the scientific and medical advice tells us we must do.’
The envelope will also contain a leaflet spelling out government advice following public confusion. Mr Johnson tells people in the UK: ‘You must stay at home’ to beat coronavirus.
The letter will warn ‘things will get worse before they get better’
It comes as the UK coronavirus death toll jumps to 1,019 after 260 people died overnight – the biggest daily surge so far. The prime minister’s letter will acknowledge the ‘profound impact’ of the crisis, before warning ‘if too many people become seriously unwell, the NHS will be unable to cope’.
He will give the nation one simple instruction: ‘You must stay at home’. The letter reads: ‘We know things will get worse before they get better.
‘But we are making the right preparations, and the more we all follow the rules, the fewer lives will be lost and the sooner life can return to normal.
‘It has been truly inspirational to see our doctors, nurses and other carers rise magnificently to the needs of the hour.
‘Thousands of retired doctors and nurses are returning to the NHS – and hundreds of thousands of citizens are volunteering to help the most vulnerable.
‘That is why, at this moment of national emergency, I urge you, please, to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.’
The leaflet will outline the government’s rules on leaving the house and advice on shielding vulnerable people, while a clear explanation of the symptoms of coronavirus and guidance on hand washing will also be included.
It comes as Mr Johnson keeps himself at the forefront of the UK’s battle against the virus, hosting a conference call at Downing Street this morning.


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