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Opinion: Yet Violence Against Women Persists, By Ade Ademiju

Opinion: Yet Violence Against Women Persists, By Ade Ademiju



Violence Against girlchild/Women has continued to be a recurring issue. Cases of different attacks on femenine gender are reported on daily basis.

Government at all levels are taking different steps to curb the prevailing incidents. Kudos also to gender activists who enormously contribute their quotas in checkmating violence against women.

It is an unfortunate incident trending in a male dominated political environment.

Violence against women is manifesting in different ways, too numerous to mention. Child abuse, human trafficking, rape/defilement and domestic violence of different sorts. Rape of minors, Child defilements remains a mystery constituted menace which has caused damages to the life of victims and many families.

Imagine a school proprietor in a video clip recently who defiled a four year old female toddler.

A school administrator who automatically is a guardian, raping his own ward .A lot of cases like that don’t even see lights of the day when perpetrators used their ‘influences’to suppress the matters in one way or the other ! One wonders the kind of influence that befits such culprits.

A Case of sexual molestation was recently recorded at a government school for the blind and deaf where two teachers were having carnal knowledge of some female students. Child abuse, sexual assault and rape.

Though Government is trying its best, but if position of women is fully recognized in the political system, prevalence of sexual violence, forms of attack against women would be drastically reduced to the advantage of the country

If reasonable percentage of inclusion in governance is given to women politicians, appropriate laws to tackle the menace would be put in place, with enforcement and strict compliance.

Problems of violence against women would be adequately tackled. Women administrators would be moved on drastic steps to curtail any form of attack on women.

Women in power would have the emotional feelings and think towards the side of accurate steps to combat the menace.

There would be seriousness and commitment on appropriate law of gender violation act.
When enough women are in governance,they would spread the tentacles to stand up to fight for women’s right / protection.

35 percent affirmative act shouldn’t be seen as rivalry or competition with the male counterparts, but a policy aims at institutionalizing the political, economical and social right of women.

One of the major ways to curtail incessant attack on women bedevilling society is implementation of 35percent affirmative act.

The implementation of the act will give women opportunity to fight for their rights and protection.

More programs, sensitization that would liberate and support women in all spheres of life would be put in place. Programme in terms of Academic, financial and mental for growth and advancement.

The implementation will change negative perception of some people about girl child /women. Perception which emanated from abysmal ignorance. Women as weaker vessels do not mean mere objects of sex and slavery rather ,precious/ succulent objects compassionately created in God’s image .

In a nation where violence against women looms, there would always be chaos,while drastic drop of attacks on women would bring peace and tranquility. there would be unparalleled development and peace.

Implementation of the 35percent recommendation would create enabling structure for Women in government offices /institution in such a way that the public office agenda setting will reflect equitable opportunity.

There would be law that would tackle cases of women attack regularly reported ,rape cases, abuse of women trending everyday in the news.

If the affirmative action becomes practicable. Women would be at the center, practical laws that would drastically curtail the evil habits would be legislated.

Various forms of attack on women folk remains high because political system is weak on the affirmation.
The implementation of the act would reduce the violence if not eroded.

Affirmative act is a gender friendly policy and sensitive to women’s yearnings. It’s a gender policy that recommends women for elective, administrative, political and appointive positions.

The agitation began from United Nations.
Nigeria like United Nations is in accordance with National Gender Policy which reccommeded 35percent for Women.

A big challenge of male dominated political system constitute a stumbling block to women emancipation.

The affirmative action is not effective in Nigeria, non implentation of the act is bediviling women’s chance in occupying political position.

Low patronage of women in politics is still on record in Nigeria.

When women are rightly placed, poverty would even be reduced. A nation where women are given enough chance development thrives. Women would be at pal with their male counterparts, they would participate freely in all sectors.

The recent screened 43 ministerial nominees has just 7 females .

This is not acceptable, as it contravened the affirmative act that specifies the provision of women in public office. There is gender imbalance in the number of the nominees.

During the screening the women nominees, were asked to take a bow and go because they are females, this is not only absurd but duely relegating. Who says the women were not ready to respond to various questions from the lawmakers as their male counterparts and also react to issues and contributions as raised by lawmakers?

Women are ready to face and take up challenges of governance as their counterparts.

This is also an indication that affirmative act is not recognized not to talk of implementation. There should be equal rights in terms of advocacy for opportunities

The acceptance that women can enter into any field of work should be upheld by the government. Position of women have been downplayed.

Women have been relegated to the background, their faces are not seen enough in governance, voices of women are not heard . Women should be made more relevant in political positions ,this would in a long way help the Country to combat Various forms of violence against girlchild /women .

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