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Opinion-Islam And Religious Imperialism: A Rejoinder, By Kunle Sanni

Opinion-Islam And Religious Imperialism: A Rejoinder, By Kunle Sanni


*Alhaji Kunle Sanni*

Assuming Tola Adeniyi is still a practising Muslim as he was with Alhaj Jubril Martins Kuye , the A are Musulumi of Ogun state when they were students at the University of Ibadan and together with him interface on Islamic Propagation, he would not need public opprobrium on the Sultanate to ventilate his opinion.

*Chief Tola Adeniyi*
As somebody looking for an escapist strategy to avoid the strict Islamic injunctions against immoralities most of which are pleasurable like drinking and womanizing he founded his own religion called GODISM. This means believing just in the existence of God and do whatever you like. It is not his business if for our own convenience we accept the Sultan as our ceremonial leader or the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs as our canopy.
A bad leader to me is better than no leader at all though I believe the present Sultan is wonderful. Christian denominations have nothing in common but they all come under the umbrella of CAN. So if we Muslims are under the Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs it is germane for our unity.
So Tola Adeniyi wants Ijebu Muslims to subjugate themselves to Awujale who still worship Agemo or Alaafin who still bow down for Sango idol or Olubadan who still celebrate okebadan idolatry and dance with masquerades. He is talking rubbish.
Tola Adeniyi is a tribal irredentist of Awo school of thought. Chief Awolowo for political expediency used this tribalism to divide the Yoruba Muslims for long. For years the Ikenne central Mosque was closed because chief Awolowo did not want a man he considered disloyal to his party to become the Imam. I believe very strongly that Tola Adeniyi is acting a script from both Awujale and Alaafin who have never masqueraded their animosity against Sultan’s leadership of the Muslim Umma.
We should carry the argument beyond religion. Why should some families be ruling the people of ijebuode . Why should some families only be entitled to Obaship of Lagos. Let us democratise all the democratisable.
This sour tune had been played for long and was largely responsible for Yoruba Imams picking different dates for the beginning and end of Ramadan from the one endorsed by the Sultan. It was when the present Sultan extended hand of fellowship and was building bridges of unity across all groups that our fragile unity now was attained.
Tola Adeniyi would not have written this when Abiola and Arisekola were alive. It was then convenient for him to show loyalty to Islam in order to curry favor from these legendary Islamic philanthropists.
Let no free thinker or Alcoholic who is not part of us be a cog in the wheel of our progress. It suits our nerves to be under the umbrella of Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs under the leadership of the Sultan than for Muslims to be under no leadership and start quarrelling among themselves

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