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Large doses of vitamin D won’t do anything to help with coronavirus

Large doses of vitamin D won’t do anything to help with coronavirus


Scientists have dismissed ‘very misleading’ claims that so-called ‘mega doses’ of vitamin D can protect against coronavirus.
Some articles have claimed that it can act as a protective measure – which scientists say is ‘not true’ and prompted an urgent need to inform the public.
However, they have emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy level of vitamin D in the body.
Metro.co.uk reports that Professor Colin Smith, from the University of Brighton, said: ‘There are currently some very misleading articles doing the rounds on social media about mega doses of vitamin D as a Covid-19 protective measure – which are not true – and hence the urgent need to inform the public.’
‘In lockdown, many of us are not getting enough vitamin D – either from the sun or from the diet – and it is important that we all get enough vitamin D3 via supplements.
‘In addition to maintaining healthy bones and muscles, vitamin D3 is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system.
‘A balanced response by the body to infection by the coronavirus is very important, since an overreaction of the immune system to the virus can be just as dangerous as a weak immune response.’
Many people, particularly those living in northern latitudes, have poor vitamin D status, especially in winter or if confined indoors.
Low vitamin D status may be exacerbated during this Covid-19 crisis and anyone who is self-isolating with limited access to sunlight is advised to take a vitamin D supplement according to their government’s recommendations.
This is particularly important for vulnerable individuals restricted to their homes, such as those in care homes.
There is no strong scientific evidence to show that very high intakes of vitamin D will be beneficial in preventing or treating Covid-19.
There are evidenced health risks with excessive vitamin D intakes, especially for those with other health issues such as a reduced kidney function.
Supplementation with Vitamin D3 of 400 International Units/10 micrograms per day is recommended by the UK Government guidelines.


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