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It was self defence,he wanted to remove my eyes with his staff-Oluwo reacts to royal rumble

It was self defence,he wanted to remove my eyes with his staff-Oluwo reacts to royal rumble

Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has  defended his public imbroglio with fellow king,Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa as an effort at self defence.
make a clean breast of the allegation that he beat Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa, Oba Sikiru .
Oluwo said he was truly invited by the police to make peace on his attempt at curtailing excess land selling by monarchs under his domain, a pronouncement that has not gone  down well with the affected kings as they regroup to act against the authority of Oluwo who gave them their crown as the consenting authority.
At the peace meeting held they  at AIG office, ”Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa interrupted me while making speaking, calling me  unprintable names, pointing his staff of office at Oluwo while attempt to stick the staff in my eyes,this  was heavily rejected with force which Agbowu could not withstand”Oluwo said

How could a constable openly insult Commissioner of Police and make attempt to beat the CP? Can any monarch try such with Ooni, Alaafin? Oluwo asked rhetorically.

Historically and traditionally, Oluwo settled Ogbaagba where they are today as against the lies they are peddling around. I’ve the papers of how I settled and crowned about 35 monarchs under me. Iwoland goes beyond Ogbaagba and it’s my duty to protect this land not because of me or the present generation, but because of the future generation. This is my sin.  They want to sell all the land. Iwo land is almost gone to land speculators and land grabbers just for peanuts.

Iwo land must be protected. And this is what I’m doing. I know posterity will vindicate me. Everyone can sell his or her personal land. A king can as well sell his. It is barbaric seeing king selling his subjects land for peanut with impunity. I receive complaints daily. Imagine a king selling one land for three to four speculators without the consent of the family who originally owns the land. Now, the same Agbowu who pleaded for beaded crown, begging and prostrating went to grant interview that he was never answerable to Iwo. He went far as attempting to turn Oluwo to a blind man by pointing his staff of office to my eyes.

Monarchs are not estate managers. And to curtail the too bad attitude which they described as their primary source of income, I had to wade in. My intention was a corrective measure and not to take what I had bequeathed to them. He went to the extent of attempting to stick my eyes with his staff of office.
All affected monarchs in my kingdom should note no one will feed on his subjects land and go away with it. Step is in top gear to revoke all lands illegally acquired  by kings and sold to land speculators. Modern system respects protocol and the right of every individual. The towns in Iwoland are choked. Of what moral and traditional justification is land selling to the living standard of a town or city whose kings have sold their future (land)?
For the take home record, only Oluwo has the consenting and proscribing authorities to decide the fate of traditional institution in the land and the hand of fellowship has been duly extended with courtesy. Every authority should note that taking the fellowship for granted may not be tolerated henceforth by the good people of Iwoland.
There are mineral resources in Iwo land these monarchs are selling for peanut. These monarchs sell an acre equivalent to 8 (eight) plots for sixty thousand naira (#60,000). money gotten from the land is used for merriment with no impact on their subjects lives. It is pathetic, disgusting and alarming. I can’t continue watching such under my kingdom. They are regular visitors to the pub(beer parlour) with the crowns I gave to them, partying and buy cars without any welfare or attached empowerment. They are too egocentric and greedy. A responsible father should be compassionate and always ready to serve his people with his last resources. Kings are assets not liabilities.


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