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Farewell Mudathir Olaniyi Sanuth, By Abdulwarees Solanke

Farewell Mudathir Olaniyi Sanuth, By Abdulwarees Solanke


That Ustaadh Mudathir Olaniyi Sanuth, the pioneer of Deen Communications is dead and buried in India after an illness is no longer news. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaehi roojiuuna.


Till last, he remained committed to his covenant with Allah.In the path he chose, he was unwavering to the cause of communicating the Deen of Allah. Through his singular efforts with Deen Communications, many dark souls were illuminated. Many tottering homes were stabilized with knowledge shared in his publications.

Many lives were saved. Derailing Muslims returned to the path. Fickle minds were strengthen in faith. Promising Muslims were discovered. Ignorant Muslims were enlightened.

My encounters with Brother Mudathir were through the DCL publications in the 90s. There was Deen Digest. Very inspiring for the modern Muslim. There was Naseehah, a very insightful Muslim youth magazine and there was Legacy, very enthralling for Muslim children.

They met my expectations, as a Muslim journalist, for the information, education, entertainment and cultural transmission need of today’s muslim. It’s vision I’ve always shared since the 80s as a student of mass communication at the university of Lagos.

My real encounter with my brother came towards the beginning of Ramadan in 2003 or 2004. I was a staff of Daar Communications and the lot fell on me to repackage AIT Ramadan night programme we renamed Super Sahur. I began hunting for sponsors and donors to support the programme. I located Arabel, I found DCL, I reached out to Hajj Mabrur.

Mudathir was generous to give us a load of Islamic literature as gifts for audience participation programme. Sherifat Andu of Arabel also opened her shop to give us exotic items to dash out. Nasfat reluctantly pioneered her Nasfat Half Hour on the Super Sahur show.

Producing Super Sahur with the generous donation from Mudathir DCL and others, I was fulfilled.

My last encounter with Mudathir was in a dream shortly after I left Daar Communications for Voice of Nigeria.

I can’t remember whether it’s a day light nap or a long night slumber. But I found myself entering a newspaper production hall where Mudathir was editing some stuff and I just greeted and passed him by.

That dream continued to strengthen my resolve to be a strong Muslim writer. The ideal thing is I should have joined him on the production desk. But merely passing him by I interpreted to be negligence or abandonment.

That dream kept reminding to remain consistent as a Muslim writer.

As we mourn our brother we are consoled that he is alive in the presence of his Lord.

We all owe Allah the obligation to keep the dream of Deen Digest alive.

After his death, DCL must not die.

Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaehi roojiuuna, Dear Brother. Mudathir Sanuth.

  • Abdulwarees Solanke

Director, Media & Strategic Communications, Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC Nigeria








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