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Bayelsa:TB Joshua warned  David Lyon about his deputy’s cross

Bayelsa:TB Joshua warned David Lyon about his deputy’s cross



*Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo said as a Bishop and Secretary General of Olumba Olumba he can’t attend SCOAN


But for a little humility,Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo would have been the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state today.According to a close aide of David Lyon,pomposity and arrogance caused them the ticket.”I was one of the entourage that followed David Lyon from Bayelsa when he visited The SCOAN three times.


I was there when Prophet TB Joshua insisted to David Lyon that he wanted to see the Deputy-Governorship candidate Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo – because he was seeing an obstacle through him. However, he said he would not come to The SCOAN because he is a Bishop and Secretary General to Olumba Olumba”

”After Degi-Eremienyo refused to come – despite several invitations from TB Joshua – the man of God publicly declared  in the church that it was too early for Lyon to share his testimony and that the situation still required serious prayers. I believe David Lyon tried all efforts to bring him but the man refused to come to the Synagogue”

Even on Tuesday(this week), David Lyon was in The Synagogue when the Supreme Court confirmed him as the rightful candidate. TB Joshua again asked him the whereabouts of his Deputy-Governor elect, stressing that he was still seeing an obstacle. Joshua was invited as a special guest to the inauguration on Friday but he said he would not attend because of that obstacle. David Lyon laughed and told him he would come with Degi-Eremienyo to The SCOAN for testimony after the inauguration… Today, we can all see what has happened.The prophet warned Lyon but Degi felt too big now see what happened” the aide said amidst sobs.


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