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Arch. Dangiwa not among Abuja-based Katsina politicians opposed to Gov Masari- Group

Arch. Dangiwa not among Abuja-based Katsina politicians opposed to Gov Masari- Group



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By Dangiwa Support Group

Our attention has been drawn to an online publication in some prominent news papers like THISDAY, indicting Arch. Ahmed Dangiwa as part of the Abuja based Katsina Politicians supporting the PDP at Court in its case against APC in Katsina state.

We wish to state unequivocally that either the source of the information does not know who Dangiwa is and his support to Governor Masari or is a deliberate attempt to defame him, his name and his hard earned integrity.

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Accordingly, in setting the record straight, let us make it crystal clear his contributions to Governor Masari which are know to the people includes:

1- That at build up to 2015 election, Arch. Ahmad Dangiwa was part and parcel of the Masari led Campaign Council which brought the APC government in Katsina to full victory! Dangiwa was an architect to a numbers things, including superintending over the Digital Situation Room, the first of its kind in the state, which monitored and had in it anti-rigging technology/strategy, He (Dangiwa) served as the State Collation Officer/Agent for both Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections of the 2015 in Katsina state.

  1. Even after the Elections, before governance proper, a number of people were with the thought that he will be the Secretary to the State Government- SGS; due to his intellectual disposition and technocratic capacity coupled with his contribution in setting the government. Surprisingly to a number of people it was not.
  2. Thirdly and most importantly, even at the inability of the number 2 above, Dangiwa did not relent in making sure that the Masari led Administration has succeeded by giving contributions to the government to the extend of empowering the good people of the state; this has been attested by the Governor himself, when he mentioned at an Empowerment Scheme organised by the “alleged”; that few federal appointees including Dangiwa are paying back to Katsina state.

Also, important to note is that in 2019, the same Dangiwa hosted the Masari Campaign while at Kankia, and did not relent in his series of contributions for Masari to see the light of the Electoral victory! Members of the APC situation room, People of Kankia could all attest to his contributions!

The points above are strong enough for readers to discountenance themselves entirely on the ongoing online media publication.

The General Public should be aware that the relationship between His Excellency Aminu Bello Masari, the Governor of Katsina state 2015-2023 in shaa Allah and Arch. Ahmed Dangiwa is more strengthened than ever before. The activities of the people involved in the defamation or misinformation is a failed one.

We thank the general public for understanding with us through thick and thin.


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