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AMOTEKUN: What South West Governors should do – By Dr Charles Omole

AMOTEKUN: What South West Governors should do – By Dr Charles Omole

I wish to state clearly again that I support Amotekun in principle. I believe the SW governors did the right thing to establish the outfit. My concerns are related to the clear landmines in the path of the initiative.
People have stated that the North have Hisbah Sharia enforcement outfit and even Lagos have LASTMA. So what is the problem?
Both LASTMA and Hisbah were created by State Laws enacted to establish them.
States are free to establish any outfit that can help shore up security as long as they will not carry arms. Carrying arms will require Federal Government permission, which most likely will not be granted, in order to preserve the monopoly of the NPF.
But without the arms element, States can establish any agency to help secure their citizens.
So, if the SW Governors want to do this properly, they should each pass laws establishing Amotekun in each of their states. This will give legal backing to its operation.
Such law will define its powers and functions. Simply establishing an outfit without legal backing is setting it up to be hijacked by vested interests and confuse its mandate. We should not allow emotion to overrule common sense. This is an important point.
Without an establishing law, Amotekun can be scrapped any time by a Governor based on his whim. Excessive Actions of Amotekun officers can also expose the State to easier legal liability. So, why did the governors not establish Amotekun in state laws when they have the power to?
Practically all SW States have a Forest Guard Law on their statutes. These old law gives the forest guards power of arrest in protection of the forest. Why not amend this law to strengthen Amotekun and give them legal teeth; at the least. Anything worth doing is worth doing well
So we should not get carried away here. Yes we need Amotekun, but does that mean we should close our eyes to obvious flaws and dangers ahead? Without a law being passed, there can be no proper appropriation by the HoA for it to secure its future.
Special funding from security vote to start this is not sustainable without future legal appropriation.

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