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6 Must-Visit Students’ Friendly Resources From Google – By Najeeb A. A. Gambo

6 Must-Visit Students’ Friendly Resources From Google – By Najeeb A. A. Gambo


Credit: Benjamin Dada

This piece is motivated by the World Economic Forum report on the Future of Jobs and Skills that concludes ‘more than 65% of young people will work in jobs that don’t currently exist’. Likewise, the current hiring trend has shifted from putting too much emphasis on paper qualification to transferable skills. It is on this basis, organisations and HR professionals are accepting the maxim that ‘the future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills’. Yet, despite these glaring realities, there is a lack of understanding and guidance about where students and young graduates can have access to information. Against this, i compiled a list of resources that are useful for anyone wanting to learn or pursue careers in different field of endeavours.

  1. Google Skillshop

Credit: Google Skillshop

The website offers free training and certification in various Google products such as Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Analytics Academy, Google My Business, Google Ad Manager, Google Admob, and YouTube Creator Academy.


2. Google Careers:

Credit: Google Careers

The website prides itself as a hub that is ‘Build for everyone’, ‘Create for everyone’ and allows everyone to learn how to ‘Code’ regardless of background and expertise. In essence, this website provides guidance for people to learn how to create a resume and apply for Google jobs, Google sponsored programs, as well as events. Other available advice includes information about Google scholarships and grantsGoogle conference and travel scholarship as well as information on how to attend virtual career fairs. As i mentioned in one of my articles, the website allows users to create an alert, an application as well as save those applications.

3. Grow with Google

Credit: Grow with Google

Although the programme is currently restricted to the USA and Canada, nonetheless, Grow with Google offers online resources and tools for job seekers and students, among others. For example, students can aspire to enrol in Google IT professional certifications, and learn digital basics through everyday problem-solving. Students can also learn how to enhance their resume or search for how to connect their next job using Google search.

4. Applied Digital Skills

Credit: Applied Digital Skills

The website provides free bite-sized downloadable video lessons for students to prepare for the post-school challenge and jobs. The focus of the site includes building students capacity in areas related to data analysis, as well as research and communication. It also features digital literacy using various tools such as Google Sheets, Slide, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, and Drive. Students that complete a lesson can download a certificate of completion.

5. Google Digital Garage

Credit: Google Digital Garage

The website contains free online resources designed to help people jump-start their careers or grow their businesses. Interested candidates can decide to select and study individual modules or take an entire course to earn a certificate. For instance, there are currently 23 courses that people can study under 2 hours, 35 courses under 2–10 hours, 39 courses under 11–20 hours and 29 courses that require more than 20 hours of study. Moreover, the website offers free certification in Fundamentals of digital marketing and Prepare for the GSuite Certification Exams. For those taking the Fundamentals of digital marketing, they need a minimum of 40 hours to pass the 26 modules, while those interested in GSuite Certification Exams, they need at least 9.5 hours to study 11 modules. At the end of their study, they will take a final exam that will lead to the award of a certificate of completion. Google Digital Garage website offers courses that revolve around Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development. These courses are structured based on the difficulty level such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

6. Grasshopper

Credit: Grasshopper

The Grasshopper website Is part of the code with Google program and was developed by Google employees to help anyone interested in learning how to code in a fun and easy way. The apps can be accessed using smartphones (Android and iOS) or on your desktop.

This free programme is meant to teach interested candidates the foundation of programming using JavaScripts. Interested candidates can learn animations, array methods and can develop interactive webpages, among others.

In conclusion

I hope this will inspire a lot of people to take advantage of these available resources and tools to improve their capacities. I also hope that you will not only read this piece but to share it with your contacts. Perhaps one of them might benefit from its guidance.

Najeeb A. A. Gambo


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